Margo Mariana

Margo Mariana

Margo Mariana, M.Ed.

Internationally Known


· · · specializing in · · ·

  • Relationships
    • Individuals, Couples and Groups
    • Therapist, Health Practitioner – Client Relationships
    • Business
    • Relationships with Pets and Animal Friends

  • Medical Intuitive · Health Consultations
    • Individualized Health Assessment
    • Recommendations · Referrals for Treatment

  • Intuitive Life Coaching for
    • Life Changes
    • Career Changes
    • Guidance for Personal and Spiritual Needs and Goals

  • Creativity
    • Individualized Guidance for Accessing and Maintaining Creativity in all areas of life
    • On-going Supervision of Specific Projects; i.e. Writing, Business

  • Past Life Readings
    • With an emphasis on their impact on one's present life

  • Readings for Newborns
    • (even for child while in utero)
    • This is an opportunity to learn more about your child, the soul purpose and learning lessons of the child and gain more of an understanding of why they have chosen you as parents
    • It can give a fuller understanding of how you can all learn from each other and work together co-creatively for the highest growth of all
    • Additional readings can happen during continuing ages and developmental stages

   1 hour: $100-$200
   1/2 hour: $50-$100
   15 minutes: $25-$50
Couples: Call for rates
Group: (rate adjusts according to size of group)
Background Training      
Holistic Health
Spiritual Studies
Special Ed

Discounts are available

Please call for more information

Credit Cards accepted

Classes & workshops offered in a variety of areas
to assist psychic and spiritual development and growth.
Call for information and express your areas of interest.
(contact information below)

Phone: 619-312-0903
(Taped Phone Sessions available)


See the Events Page for information about a television interview with Margo Mariana. A CD of the interview is available from Margo.